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Our mission is to provide the ultimate Steam API – the largest, most up-to-date solution for your projects. Access profiles, items, inventories, price histories, market prices, collections, and more in a straightforward JSON format. Our API is fast, efficient, and developer-friendly, making retrieving Steam game data is simple and without blocking.

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What can I build with this?

Discover the Power of Our Marketplace API: Buy and Sell Skins with Ease. Create an Inventory Worth Calculator or Customize Your Gaming Experience with Ingame Skinchanger. Foster Thriving Communities, Build Discord Bots, and Track User Inventories and Profiles. Unleash the Potential of Our Versatile API.


You can build a marketplace and, for instance, utilize our Inventory API. To list items and their prices, you can make use of the Items API.


Inventory worth calculator

You can create an inventory value calculator similar to csbackpack.net. You can achieve this by using our Steam Profile API and, in addition, the Inventory API.



Elevate Your Gaming Experience with an Ingame Skin Changer. Customize Your CS:GO or Other Skins-Enabled Games on Unofficial Servers for Endless Personalization.



Build Thriving Communities for Your Users, from Esports Platforms to PUG Services and Beyond. Unleash the Power of Connection and Engagement with Our API.


Discord bots

Create Your Own Discord Bot for Calculating Stats, Displaying Ranks, and Much More. Harness the Power of Customization and Interaction with Our API.



Effortlessly Track User Inventories and Profiles with Our Reliable Tracker. Gain Valuable Insights and Stay Updated with Our Powerful Tracking Tools.

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Worldwide, Trusted, and Always Present. Our Growing Stats Speak for Themselves, Providing Real and Reliable Insights.

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Thanks to the services provided by Steamwebapi, it has been much easier for us to accomplish our goal of creating our own marketplace. The API is well-documented, and the system runs smoothly. Accessing with one plan to all Endpoints, its great.

Marcelo Krings CEO, Marketplace owner

Steam, CS:GO, CS2, DOTA, RUST & more API

All-in-one platform

Ideal for all types of projects, discover unparalleled features that are exclusive to our service. Standout highlights include Steam Market items and seamless inventory management. Our API is incredibly user-friendly, and our documentation is top-notch. With a free plan you have access to all of our Endpoints.


Seamless JSON Data Integration

Effortlessly integrate comprehensive JSON data from our Steamwebapi service, empowering your applications with up-to-date and accurate information. Our API provides a seamless and efficient way to access the data you need.

Up2Date Item Prices

Keep your users in the know with real-time item prices powered by our Steamwebapi service. Ensure your application always displays the latest market rates for in-game items. Our API provides instant access to reliable pricing data for an enhanced user experience.

Crucial Item Insights

Access essential item details effortlessly with our API. Enhance your application seamlessly, as we provide comprehensive item information tailored to your needs.

Item Price History

Explore item price changes effortlessly with our API. Our comprehensive service tracks historical data, so you can make informed decisions without the extra work.

Item Tracking with Insight

Stay informed about item updates in user profiles effortlessly. Our service tracks new item additions and removals, providing you with a comprehensive item history. Now, you can retrospectively explore a user's item ownership, enabling a deeper understanding of their inventory.

Effortless Steam Profile Access

Easily access profile information for user accounts. We provide the essential details about a profile in a user-friendly manner, making it simple for you to retrieve the most important information.

No More Blocking or 429 Errors

Bid farewell to inventory blocking and pesky 429 error (too many requests) messages from Steam. Our service takes care of it, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted access to inventory data. Say goodbye to frustrations and enjoy hassle-free integration with our API.

Lightning-Fast Performance

Experience lightning-fast performance with our API. We prioritize speed and efficiency, ensuring swift data retrieval and seamless integration for your application. Enjoy a responsive and optimized experience that keeps pace with your needs.

CS2, Dota, Rust & more API

Immerse yourself in the thrilling worlds of CS2, CSGO, Dota 2 and Rust. Access crucial player information, track item prices, and optimize your gaming experience. Join our community and enjoy free access to all of our Endpoints. Sign up now and level up today!

All API Endpoints

Steam Data API

Comprehensive and Detailed API Endpoint Documentation

Inventory: No 429 Errors

Seamlessly access user inventories, including item details, without 429 (too many requests) errors. Optimize inventory management with our reliable endpoint.

Items: Complete Game Item List

Access a comprehensive list of game items using the Items endpoint. Retrieve item details, including names and descriptions, to enhance your application's item-related functionalities.

Profile: Access Steam Profiles Easily

Retrieve Steam user profiles effortlessly with our Profile endpoint. Say goodbye to blocking issues and seamlessly access user information for a smoother user experience.

Item Details: Detailed Info

Access detailed item information, including price, median price, and more, through our Item Details endpoint. Enhance your application with comprehensive item data.

Tracking: Monitory an Inventory

Easily monitor item changes in user inventories using our Tracking endpoint. Stay informed about item entry and exit for enhanced application functionality.

History: Track Item prices

Use our History endpoint to monitor item prices, including the latest price, prices from the past days (7, 14, or even up to a year). Stay informed about price trends with ease.


Our projects & packages for you

Our packages in PHP and Python, available on GitHub, are designed to enhance the speed and usability of our API service. They offer convenient integration and come with a sample project: CS:GO Inventory Value Calculator.

CS:GO Inventory Calculator

The CS:GO Inventory Calculator is a free tool to calculate the value of your CS:GO inventory. Built with Next.js (React), it allows you to effortlessly determine the worth of your CS:GO items. Easily evaluate the prices of individual skins or your entire CS:GO inventory for informed decision-making.


PHP Package

Our PHP Package streamlines your project development in PHP, providing seamless integration with our API. Equipped with essential features, it empowers you to bring your ideas to life swiftly and achieve optimal productivity. Access and utilize Steam data effortlessly.


PHYTON Package

Our Python Package seamlessly integrates with our API to accelerate your project development in Python. Powered by essential features, it empowers you to swiftly bring your ideas to life and achieve optimal productivity. Access and leverage Steam data effortlessly.

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