What is Steamwebapi?

Steamwebapi is a high-quality API service that provides developers with seamless access to a wide range of information on Steam games, user profiles, inventories, and many more. By using Steamwebapi, you can effortlessly retrieve data without having to rely directly on the Steam API, thereby reducing the risk of IP blocking or application limitations. It's important to note that Steamwebapi operates as an independent service and is not affiliated with Valve, Steam, or any of their partners. All rights are reserved by its respective owners. Unleash the potential of Steamwebapi to seamlessly integrate game data and enhance your application's features!

How to use the API?

To use the API, please do the following steps:

  • Make a GET request to the designated API endpoint.
  • Access the comprehensive API documentation by clicking the "API" button at the top of the page.
  • On that page, you'll find detailed information about the available API endpoints and their functionalities.

And that’s it! Start exploring the power of the API today and open doors to the world of possibilities for your projects.

Example of API usage

Discover real-world API use cases on GitHub. Explore the following links to access code samples and projects using the API:

Stay tuned for more exciting packages coming soon! Get inspired, learn from existing implementations, and unleash the full potential of the API in your own projects.

Example projects

Here is a list of projects using our API:

Example Project with Next.js Steam Inventory Calculator

If you want to add your project on this list, feel free to send us a message on Discord!

How to obtain an API Key?

To obtain an API key, please do the following steps:

  • You need to create an account on our website by clicking on "Login with Steam". Rest assured, we do not store any of your Steam data.
  • Once you have created an account, you can find your API key in your DASHBOARD (top-right) under "API Key".

Is it free?

Yes, you have 5000 free credits per month. You can use these credits to make requests to our API. Each endpoint has a different cost, which you can find in the table below.

What if I run out of credits?

If you run out of credits, you can send us a message on Discord, and we will provide you with additional credits or another plan based on your needs.

Base URL

The base-URL is https://www.steamwebapi.com/steam/api/YOUR_ENDPOINT

How does authentication work?

Easily include your API key in the request by appending it to the URL. Retrieve your API key from your profile for seamless integration. For instance, access the inventory endpoint using this format: https://www.steamwebapi.com/steam/api/inventory?key=$YOUR_API_KEY

Best tools to use and test the API

Discover the best tools for API testing and utilization, such as Postman or Insomnia. Additionally, you can easily access the API directly from your browser by adding the API key to the request URL. For instance, test the inventory endpoint using this format: https://www.steamwebapi.com/steam/api/inventory?key=$YOUR_API_KEY


All responses are in JSON format. If an error occurs, the response will display the error message.

Supported Games

Supported Games
Counterstrike Global Offensive csgo
Rust (not enough tested) rust
Dota (not enough tested) dota

API - Endpoints Overview

Name Endpoint Description Costs
Items /steam/api/items Get all items of a game 20 Credits
Inventory /steam/api/inventory Get inventory of a user 5 Credits
Profile /steam/api/profile Get profile of a user 2 Credits
Item Detail /steam/api/item Get details of an item 1 Credit
Steamid /steam/api/steamid Steamid Converter 1 Credit
Float Information API /steam/api/steamid Get the Float of an Item API 1 Credit
Note: We will add more API Endpoints in the future. If you have any suggestions, please contact us on Discord.
Updated: 02/23

Supported Languages

The languages will work only on Inventory API actually. Later we will add the support for Items.

Language original name API Value
Dansk danish
English english
Français french
Deutsch german
Polski polish
Português portuguese
Русский russian
Svenska swedish
Türkçe turkish