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Counter-Strike Inventory Visibility: Purchased and Traded Items Unavailable for 10 Days

Since CS2 limited the visibility of traded and newly purchased items to 10 days, many platforms have faced challenges. Marketplaces and trading sites can no longer automatically access inventories to confirm transactions.

To address this issue, we offer our Trade API (Status). This allows you to automatically confirm the receipt or sending of items. With CS2's update restricting inventory visibility, our API has become more crucial than ever.

We're pleased to offer a solution to this problem. For more information on the Trade API, please visit our documentation at https://www.steamwebapi.com/api/list or directly access the API documentation at https://www.steamwebapi.com/api/doc/steam-trading-bot-api.

For questions and support, we're also available on our Discord server.

Update: April 3, 2024
Release Notes for April 2, 2024

Change: Purchased and traded Counter-Strike items will not be visible to other users who view your Steam Inventory for 10 days.

Update: April 4, 2024
Today Steam blocked the Trade Histories too, thanks.

Update: April 5, 2024
We are working on a solution for confirmation trades and get the last inventory (only if user wants to share). Join our Discord Channel for more information.

Update: April 9, 2024
We are showing our solution check it under our Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/steamwebapi/status/1777805661247553568 It will be available for everyone