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Steam Trading Bot / Api

The Steam Trading API (Steamwebapi Trading API) offers a robust solution for facilitating game item trading without the need for a traditional Steam Trading Bot. This API empowers the development of platforms resembling Skinport, Skinbaron, or other marketplaces, as well as services for instant skin buy/sell transactions.

You won't require a node trade bot; our tradeoffer API will support your marketplace, trading sites, or any other innovative concept you have in mind.

Our Trade API Features:

  1. Create a Tradeoffer: Generate trade offers for any desired item.
  2. Accept a Tradeoffer: Accept trade offers for any item you choose.
  3. Cancel/Decline Tradeoffer: Cancel or decline trade offers as needed.
  4. Tradeoffer Status: Use this endpoint to confirm trade statuses

With these features, you can build websites offering various services, such as:

  • Marketplaces
  • Trading sites
  • Gambling sites
  • Skin upgraders
  • And more.
  • B2C vs. P2P Concepts:

Concepts: B2C vs. P2P

B2C (Business-to-Customer):
In a B2C model, your bot directly interacts with customers, similar to operations on Skinport, Skinbaron, Dmarket, and other major platforms. You'll own an account where items are sent or received instantly without delay.

Challenges in B2C:
Retrieving the Cookie (challenge: low)
Mobile Confirmation when sending out skins (challenge: low)

P2P Concept (Peer-to-Peer):
In a P2P model, customers send items directly to the buyer. Platforms like Whitemarket, Waxpeer, or Buff use this approach, where items reach the owner directly and are released by the seller after a delay.

Low Challenges in P2P:
We've built an extension that allows you to do all of this. Your customers only need to install the extension, and you can retrieve the status, inventory, or trades without any further programming - you no longer need the Steamloginsecure.

High Challenges in P2p:
Alternatively, you can build your own extension or solution and use our API endpoints with a Steamloginsecure cookie.

Security and Authentication:
Retrieve the steamloginsecure cookie from steamcommunity.com. While our API can perform various trade actions, you'll still need to confirm them on your mobile device due to Steam's restrictions. We're exploring solutions for mobile device confirmation and plan to provide an open-source solution in the future.

For further assistance or questions, feel free to contact us. All trade endpoints require a JSON payload.

Steam Trading Bot without Development
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