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Steam Market API - Items

Steam Market API: Your Gateway to Real-Time Game Item Trading Data



In the dynamic realm of online gaming, the Steam Market API stands as a revolutionary resource, offering access to real-time data and pricing for game items. Specially tailored for games such as CS2, CSGO, Rusta, and Dota, our API encompasses all aspects of the Steam market, providing a comprehensive view of current market trends.

Extensive Data for Popular Games
Our Steam Market API boasts a complete database covering all items from games like CS2, CSGO, Rusta, and Dota. This vast collection enables users to gain a comprehensive insight into the wide array of available game items, aiding them in making informed decisions.

Up-to-Date Pricing for Precise Market Analysis
A key feature of our API is the provision of constantly updated prices. We ensure that the buy order prices, selling prices, and listing prices from the Steam Market are always current, offering our users the most precise and up-to-date information available.

Integration with Third-Party Marketplaces
In addition to Steam Market prices, our API also integrates data from leading third-party marketplaces such as DMarket, Skinport, SkinBaron, HaloSkins, and BitSkins. This offers our users a more comprehensive view of market conditions and price trends.

Ideal for Various Applications
The Steam Market API is ideally suited for a wide range of applications. Whether you are operating a trading platform, conducting market analysis, or simply looking for the best deals, our API delivers the necessary data in a user-friendly format.

Here a example Response
        "id": "79f5a6d3-266a-419b-ad5b-f622f63d3060",
        "markethashname": "M4A1-S | Printstream (Factory New)",
        "marketname": "M4A1-S | Printstream (Factory New)",
        "slug": "m4a1-s-printstream-factory-new",
        "color": "eb4b4b",
        "bordercolor": "d2d2d2",
        "pricelatest": 509.18,
        "pricelatestsell": 510.86,
        "priceupdatedat": "2024-01-22 13:30:00",
        "pricereal": 349.95,
        "pricerealcreatedat": "2024-01-22 18:01:00",
        "winlosspercentage": "31.27",
        "pricemedian": 552.3,
        "priceavg": 546.94,
        "pricemin": 421.81,
        "pricemax": 760.11,
        "pricesafe": 489.99,
        "pricesafe24h": 513.44,
        "pricesafe7d": 513.44,
        "pricesafe30d": 515,
        "pricesafe90d": 560.16,
        "pricereal24h": 349.95,
        "pricereal7d": 355.41,
        "pricereal30d": 349.24,
        "pricereal90d": 0,
        "unstable": 1,
        "unstablereason": "LOW_SALES_MONTH",
        "offervolume": 13,
        "sold24h": 5,
        "sold7d": 10,
        "sold30d": 64,
        "sold90d": 259,
        "wear": "fn",
        "itemgroup": "rifle",
        "itemtype": "m4a1-s",
        "itemname": "printstream",
        "rarity": "covert",
        "quality": "normal",
        "isstattrack": 0,
        "isstar": 0,
        "markettradablerestriction": 7,
        "updatedat": "2024-01-22 18:07:31",
        "itemimage": "https:\/\/steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net\/economy\/image\/-9a81dlWLwJ2UUGcVs_nsVtzdOEdtWwKGZZLQHTxDZ7I56KU0Zwwo4NUX4oFJZEHLbXH5ApeO4YmlhxYQknCRvCo04DEVlxkKgpou-6kejhz2v_Nfz5H_uO1gb-Gw_alIITBhGJf_NZlmOzA-LP5gVO8vywwMiukcZice1M9ZViD-ATrle7v15O46cifzHFhunZ243yInxW-10sZOrBp1qTLVxzAUNxEoFAP"
        "id": "5fc3f479-7a0e-4c82-8991-1a205344797c",
        "markethashname": "StatTrak\u2122 M4A1-S | Printstream (Factory New)",
        "marketname": "StatTrak\u2122 M4A1-S | Printstream (Factory New)",
        "slug": "stattraktm-m4a1-s-printstream-factory-new",
        "color": "eb4b4b",
        "bordercolor": "cf6a32",
        "pricelatest": 1149.9,
        "pricelatestsell": 1138.29,
        "priceupdatedat": "2024-01-22 15:24:20",
        "pricereal": 702.73,
        "pricerealcreatedat": "2024-01-22 18:02:00",
        "winlosspercentage": "31.58",
        "pricemedian": 1205.21,
        "priceavg": 1247.76,
        "pricemin": 920,
        "pricemax": 1750,
        "pricesafe": 990,
        "pricesafe24h": 1029.15,
        "pricesafe7d": 1029.15,
        "pricesafe30d": 959.44,
        "pricesafe90d": 1115.31,
        "pricereal24h": 725.39,
        "pricereal7d": 739.99,
        "pricereal30d": 729.59,
        "pricereal90d": 0,
        "unstable": 1,
        "unstablereason": "LOW_SALES_3PLUS_MONTHS",
        "offervolume": 3,
        "sold24h": 0,
        "sold7d": 2,
        "sold30d": 7,
        "sold90d": 27,
        "wear": "fn",
        "itemgroup": "rifle",
        "itemtype": "m4a1-s",
        "itemname": "printstream",
        "rarity": "covert",
        "quality": "strange",
        "isstattrack": 1,
        "isstar": 0,
        "markettradablerestriction": 7,
        "updatedat": "2024-01-22 18:07:34",
        "itemimage": "https:\/\/steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net\/economy\/image\/-9a81dlWLwJ2UUGcVs_nsVtzdOEdtWwKGZZLQHTxDZ7I56KU0Zwwo4NUX4oFJZEHLbXH5ApeO4YmlhxYQknCRvCo04DEVlxkKgpou-6kejhz2v_Nfz5H_uO1gb-Gw_alIITBhGJf_NZlmOzA-LP5gVO8vywwMiukcZice1M9ZViD-ATrle7v15O46cifzHFhunZ243yInxW-10sZOrBp1qTLVxzAUNxEoFAP"

With the Steam Market API, you gain access not only to extensive game item data and current prices but also to a powerful resource tailored for various segments in the gaming market. Discover the possibilities our API offers and stay ahead in the world of online game item trading.

Response Property Information
markethashnameMarket hash name of the item
marketnameMarket name of the item
slugURL-friendly identifier of the item
colorColor code associated with the itemnull
bordercolorBorder color code of the itemnull
pricelatestActually offer pricenull
pricelatestsellLatest selling price on Steam Marketnull
priceupdatedatDate and time when the Steam price was last updatednull
pricerealReal price across various marketsnull
pricerealcreatedatDate and time when the real price was last updatednull
winlosspercentageWin-loss percentage based on Steam Price and Real Market Pricenull
pricemedianMedian sold price over the last 7 daysnull
priceavgAverage sold price over the last 7 daysnull
priceminMinimum sold pricenull
pricemaxMaximum sold pricenull
pricesafeSafe Median price estimate based on median sold pricesnull
pricesafe24hSafe Median price estimate over the last 24 hours soldnull
pricesafe7dSafe Median price estimate over the last 7 days soldnull
pricesafe30dSafe Median price estimate over the last 30 days soldnull
pricesafe90dSafe Median price estimate over the last 90 days soldnull
pricereal24hReal price 24 hours beforenull
pricereal7dReal price 7d beforenull
pricereal30dReal price 30d beforenull
pricereal90dReal price 90d beforenull
unstableIndicator of price stability (1 for unstable - 0 for stable) based on Steam0
unstablereasonReason for price instability based on Steamnull
offervolumeVolume of offers available on Steam Market0
sold24hNumber of items sold in the last 24 hours in Steam Market0
sold7dNumber of items sold in the last 7 days in Steam Market0
sold30dNumber of items sold in the last 30 days in Steam Market0
sold90dNumber of items sold in the last 90 days in Steam Market0
wearWear condition of the item (e.g. fn for factory new)null
itemgroupItem group (e.g. rifle)null
itemtypeType of item (e.g. m4a1-s)null
itemnameName of the item (e.g. printstream)null
rarityItem rarity (e.g. covert)null
qualityQuality of the item (e.g. normal)null
isstattrackIndicates if the item is StatTrak (1 for yes - 0 for no)0
isstarIndicates if the item has a star (1 for yes - 0 for no)0
markettradablerestrictionNumber of days for trade restrictionnull
itemimageURL to the item's image

More about the "Items" API you can found under API Page.

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